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We're not all about meat - we love our fish too!  Most of our fish comes directly from British ports and where possible from local boats.  Maldon oysters and cockles from Leigh on Sea are amongst the very freshest of local fish.  Whilst tuna and swordfish don't swim in the River Crouch, we do source top grade loins - the best you can buy.  With deliveries every Tuesday and Thursday, if it swims in the sea we can get almost anything for you with a little bit of notice.

Fish on Ice

Our fresh Scottish salmon is the best we've tasted.  Healthy and tasty and very versatile - try it pan-fried, baked, poached or grilled.

Raw prawns.jpg

King prawns are a best-seller here. They go in everything or just enjoy them on their own . Garlic, chilli and lime with butter works for us!

Cooked ahellfish.jpg

Our seafood in brine ranges from prawns and crayfish to rollmops, jellied eels, anchovies and banderillas. What could be nicer than olives wrapped in anchovies?

Smoked 2_W.jpg

Our smoked fish range includes smoked salmon, Manx kipper, smoked mackerel, cod roe and delicious Arbroath smokies.


Tuna and swordfish steaks can be cut to size from whole loins  - try them with ginger, coriander and lemon - perfect on the BBQ.

Sea bass fillets 1.jpg

Although we can always get you a whole fish we also offer fillets including sea bass, bream, cod, plaice and haddock. No bones and no fuss.


From dressed crab to cockles, clams and mussels we have shellfish covered and Maldon oysters are always available. 


Why single out the skate wing? Because here they are so fresh they are quite possibly our favourite for a fish and chip supper.

ready to cook.jpg

Ready to eat fish dishes - what could be easier? Try cod wrapped in pancetta, marinated tuna steaks or peri peri salmon skewers.  Pan fry with no prep!

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