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Without sounding cheesy, we take our cheese selection here at Dan Hull Farm Shop very seriously.  We stock over 25 varieties of cheese from Brie to Parmesan, and we can boast that we can get hold of almost any cheese from around the world the very next day.  We can help you create the perfect cheese board, or find the perfect choice for your recipe.  The cheeses that we offer are a great mix from exceptional cooking cheeses and gourmet products to every-day basics.

Cheese Plate

Creamy and rindless, Rosary Goat cheese with herbs is right up there with the best cheeses. Think you don't like Chevre? Think again.

Blue cheese.jpg

Blue cheeses are now really diverse - from Colston Bassett Stilton to Cambozola . Although our go-to blue cheese is the Roquefort.

Brie 1.jpg

Brie de Meaux is Dan's favourite Brie, with a typical French flavour. Somerset Brie is milder but is a fantastic alternative. 

Delice 3.jpg

Delice de Bourgogne is Dan's ultimate cheese. Soft and zesty and pumped full of cream during maturing, this is melt-in-the mouth .


Flavoured cheeses can add wow factor to your cheeseboard and no counter is complete without a Wensleydale and Cranberry.

Smoked 1.jpg

Smoked cheeses always hit the spot and we stock a Smoked Applewood and a Beechwood Smoked Yellow Rinded cheese.

Black bomber 1.jpg

Black Bomber from Snowdonia Cheese Company is a black rinded cheese that packs a punch - a brilliant, rich cheddar. A must for Dan's cheeseboard .


Cooking with cheese? We have mozzarella, gruyere, parmesan, halloumi and fondue, which all take on a totally different but still delicious flavour when cooked.


Seasonal summer favourites such as mozzarella, feta and halloumi are regularly stocked and we have vacherin between March and October.

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