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Curry Pack October 2022.jpg

There are so many good reasons to pop into the Farm Shop, from the tastiest of meal ideas through to every day essentials. This week is #NationalCurryWeek and we have put together this brilliant Badu Curry Pack. Serving 4, it's just £19.95. 


If you're looking for 'dinspiration', why not pop in and see what's cooking this week. No more thinking about what to cook - let us do the worrying for you! We make fresh sauces as well as host of stir fry and ready to eat options. Why not pop in and see what's cooking?

Dan is a trained chef and couldn’t resist the opportunity to create an actual pop-up restaurant. Using only products available at the Farm Shop and celebrating, seasonal and local food, Dan will be cooking up a storm at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club!

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